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Question   children and birds
One of the most request books in our school Library is for birds. My students loved your burrowing owl pictures! They are going to flip when I share our newest pictures with them. Your photography catches the beauty and grace of God's joy in His creations!

- Michele Obarow December 23, 2013

  Answer Michele, I am so pleased that your "children" enjoy my images, I am pleased that they can learn from what I enjoy doing.

- Eric B. Stogner  December 24, 2013

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Question   Your art...
Just a note from an aspiring photographer; thank you for your work! It is beautiful and so honors the beauty of God's creatures. Thank you! Your skill and talent are wonderful to look at and really inspire me to work harder at developing my own abilities.

- Judd Kirk May 30, 2011

  Answer Judd, Glad you enjoyed my web site.I'am looking foreward to getting together with you. Eric.

- Eric Stogner  June 01, 2011

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Question   You are great! Blessed with so much talent.
Eric, we're always believed you have an exceeding talent with cameras in addition to being a real nice, likeable guy.

We count you as a long-time friend.

Sincere regards,
Bonnie's Photogaphy Studio
Orange, CA

- Bonnie Luther August 11, 2010

  Answer Gary and Bonnie, Thank you !!

- Eric B. Stogner  August 14, 2010

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Question   Love your work!!
Love your glad you contacted me...we have a lot in common.

- Val J December 24, 2008

  Answer Val, Thank you for compliment...Eric

- Eric B. Stogner  December 24, 2008

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Question   Your Gallery
Eric, your pictures are absolutely stunning. I enjoyed looking at them and even now my grandchildren like to look at them. Thanks for the great work.

- Louise Smith November 16, 2008

  Answer Louise, thank you for the praise of my work. I'am very pleased that your Grandchildern, enjoyed photographs as well. Thank You,

- Eric B. Stogner  November 16, 2008

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Question   Very nice stuff
It was a pleasure to meet you and Paul today at the wetlands. You have some beautiful shots on your site. I really like the Terns and Skimmers, some awesome action shots.

- Rick & Geri Holderbaum September 01, 2008

  Answer Hi Rick&
geri, It was a pleasure to meet you this am. I really enjoy photographing the terns, they are the most challenging birds I think to photograph.

- Eric B. Stogner  September 01, 2008

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Question   Your excellent work!
I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed viewing your gallery. Your ability to be in the right place to capture the moment of the bird catching a fish, skimming the water or a one of its feather floating in the air is uncanny. It is clear that you are truly gifted to do this type of work. Thank you for sharing it with us.

- Lauralee McKay August 21, 2008

  Answer Lauralee,
Thank you for the kind words, I truly enjoy what I have been blessed with. it's true, being at the right place at the right time is 90% of the "battle"
Thank You,

- Eric B. Stogner  August 21, 2008

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